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How to Get the Best Value – Rent A Car Vancouver

Getting around Vancouver is easy... when you have a car. Although the transit in the city is not terrible, with a relatively reliable bus and SkyTrain network, it is still not world class, when Vancouver is frequently referred to as a world class city. So, whether you are a local, or a visitor, there are times when you... Read More

Your Rent-a-Car Car Rental in 3 Easy Steps

Coming to a new city is exciting, but can also be quite overwhelming. Having affairs in place before you arrive is one way to make your trip more enjoyable, such as accommodation, transportation, and activities. While organizing such affairs can sometimes be difficult or frustrating, booking your car rental in Vancouver with Rent a Car Vancouver is one... Read More

Renting A Car in Vancouver at Rent a Car Vancouver

For those of you contemplating which company to choose when renting a car in Vancouver, look no further than Rent a Car Vancouver for all your car hire and rental needs. If you require any further convincing, here are five key reasons why Rent a Car Vancouver is the leading and best rental company to use in... Read More

4 Essential Items for Your Car Hire in Vancouver

Are you engaging a car hire in Vancouver? Unsure of what you should bring with you? Here are four items that are essential to keep on you, regardless of where you are heading. Item 1: Map The first of your essential... Read More

Why Choose Rent a Car Vancouver For Your Next Car Rental

Are you hunting around for the best car rental company in the city? Here are some of the top reasons to choose Rent a Car Vancouver for your next vehicle hire. Central location One of the top reasons to... Read More

Short Day Trip Ideas for Your Car Rental in Vancouver

Whether you have been living in Vancouver your whole life, or have only just arrived, there is always a new location or area to explore. Surrounded by some of the most stunning and beautiful scenery that Canada has to offer, getting a car rental in Vancouver is the best way to see it, if you don't already have a... Read More

Tips for Tourists

If you are thinking of visiting Vancouver, then you are making the right choice! Vancouver is consistently voted one of the best places in the world to live and to visit. The mild climate of this West Coast Canadian city means you will not be facing extreme weather and can enjoy seeing the sites and taking it all... Read More

The Advantages of Car Hire in Vancouver vs Ride Sharing

There have been a number of car sharing companies that have sprung up in the city recently, however, are these a better alternative than a conventional car hire in Vancouver? While on the face of it they can appear a quick and simple option, there are a number of disadvantages compared to a standard car hire in... Read More

Where to Visit Once You Rent a Car in Vancouver

So, you’ve decided to rent a car in Vancouver, but where are the best places to take it? Vancouver is beautifully situated next to both mountain ranges and water, meaning there are few activities that are not available in the area. Here is a brief list of just some of the adventures that a car rental will... Read More

Tips for How to Find a Cheap Car Rental

Are you looking to save some money on your next car hire? Do you know the best tips to get a great rental deal? In this article, we look at some of the most effective ways that could help save you money. Book in advance The first tip for how to find a cheap car... Read More