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Car Rental in Vancouver – Reasons for Locals to Rent

When you think of renting a car in the city of Vancouver, you are probably thinking that it is something that only tourists and those visiting the city on business do. Naturally these are some of the biggest demographics of people who avail of car rental in Vancouver. Yet what you may not know is that locals also... Read More

How a Car Rental in Vancouver Can Make Your Holiday Unforgettable

Are you going on holiday to Vancouver in the near future? Looking for the top tips to maximize your experience?

Opting to rent a car in Vancouver is one of the most effective ways of getting the most out of your trip, as we elaborate on below.

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Why Having a Car Rental in Richmond is a Smart Idea

If you are staying temporarily in Richmond, deciding to have a car rental is a great option, as we will explore with the rest of this article. Whether you are visiting friends and family, or here for a vacation, a car rental in Richmond makes a lot of sense in every situation.

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Car Rental Tips: How to Save Money

If you are looking for car rental tips for the best ways to save money, we have a number of suggestions to help keep the price down.

Car rental is a fantastic way of seeing a new city or region, allowing you to really make the most of any vacation or holiday, even if you only have... Read More

Your Rent-a-Car Car Rental in 3 Easy Steps

Coming to a new city is exciting, but can also be quite overwhelming. Having affairs in place before you arrive is one way to make your trip more enjoyable, such as accommodation, transportation, and activities. While organizing such affairs can sometimes be difficult or frustrating, booking your car rental in Vancouver with Rent a Car Vancouver is one... Read More

Short Day Trip Ideas for Your Car Rental in Vancouver

Whether you have been living in Vancouver your whole life, or have only just arrived, there is always a new location or area to explore.

Surrounded by some of the most stunning and beautiful scenery that Canada has to offer, getting a car rental in Vancouver is the best way to see it, if you don't already have a... Read More

Tips for How to Find a Cheap Car Rental

Are you looking to save some money on your next car hire? Do you know the best tips to get a great rental deal?

In this article, we look at some of the most effective ways that could help save you money.

Book in advance

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Reasons to Rent a Car for a Young Driver

Renting a car and young drivers aren't usually two elements that would often cross paths. However, there are a number of reasons that this slightly peculiar combination can actually be a beneficial situation.


In this article, we explore the reasons that younger drivers should not be put... Read More

4 Tips for When You Use Car Hire in Vancouver

Whether you are visiting Vancouver for a short trip, or are a resident planning a weekend getaway, renting a car is a great way to see what the city and nearby attractions have to offer.

In following these four tips below you can make the rental process a simple and effortless task.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Renting A Car for Vacation

Vacations require a great deal of traveling, from airport to hotel, from hotel to sight-seeing destinations, to beaches, casinos and so many other attractions that people flock to when travelling. Cabs, buses and other potentially inconvenient ways of traveling for these types of trips can be extremely pricey and add up quickly. No one wants the largest part... Read More

Recommended Preparation Before You Rent a Car in Vancouver

Preparation is key, as any expert adventurer will tell you.

The same is true if you are planning to rent a car in Vancouver and have an adventure. So what are the best pieces of advice on the preparation you can do before you choose car hire in Vancouver?Recommended Preparation Before You...
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Rent A Car Vancouver – making car rental in Vancouver the easiest it has ever been

Taking a trip to Vancouver soon? Rent-a-Car Vancouver has you covered. We understand that saving money is important to our guests, while the priority for any vacation is to have a fantastic time, with everything going as smoothly as possible. As a result, we make sure that Vancouver car rental has never been so easy. When you choose... Read More

Places to Visit With Your Vancouver Car Rental

There is no denying that Vancouver and British Columbia are stunning places to visit,or live, so what are the best areas and attractions to check out with your Vancouver car rental?

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Hiring a Vancouver Car Rental for Stress-free Travel

Traveling can be hectic and demanding! If you are an avid traveler, a business traveler or need to travel for your family and work combined into one, you might find it hard to enjoy the travel. This is exactly where a Vancouver car rental company drops into the picture!

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What is the Best Car Rental in Vancouver?

Are you looking for the best car rental in Vancouver, in terms of price, quality and selection? Then look no further than the reputable and reliable Rent a Car Vancouver.

Conveniently located in the centre of downtown, Rent a Car Vancouver provides a high quality car rental service at an extremely affordable price.

Leading customer service

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What Makes Car Hire a Good Idea in Vancouver?

On a business trip or need airport transportation in Vancouver? Looking to enjoy a sightseeing weekend or need affordable car rental service for moving? A travel need can pop up anytime, out of requirement or leisure. Rent a car for hassle-free traveling and no last-minute hiccups!

Traveling in Vancouver

Vancouver is a busy city bustling with... Read More

How Cheap Car Rentals in Vancouver Will Maximize Your Holiday

If you are looking at coming to Vancouver on holiday, then one thing you should definitely consider is renting a car for your stay. Cheap car rentals in Vancouver can be found, if you know where the right places to look are, and will certainly help you make the most of your time here.Read More

Why Cheap Car Rental in Vancouver Should be Chosen?

It is true that high end services will not fit into a tight budget and it is also not wrong to assume that luxury car rentals won’t fit that budget either. However, you can find a highly affordable car rental in Vancouver whose services aren’t affected by their reasonable cost. The cars they offer are not luxurious or... Read More

What to Look For When You Rent a Car in Vancouver

When you live in, or visit the city of Vancouver, one of the best resources available to you is the ability to rent a car. Yes, there is a public transit system in Vancouver, but sometimes you need to get somewhere that would require multiple transfers, need to go at a time outside of its regular schedule, or... Read More

The Reasons You Should Rent a Car In Vancouver

If you are visiting friends or family in Vancouver, then you may think that public transport will serve you fine. In some cases this may be true, but if you really want to get the best out of your stay then you will definitely want to rent a car in Vancouver.

The City of Vancouver alone is... Read More