Car Hire Vancouver – Where to Travel With Yours

Visiting Vancouver? There are so many great trips that you will be able to do if you have a car. Having to rely on public transit and private coach services can be limiting, and you will not be able to go at your own pace, so having a vehicle to yourself can really enhance your trip. If you have decided on car hire in Vancouver, then you have made the right choice. Here are some amazing trips that you can take this summer to really make the most out of your car hire in Vancouver.

Car Hire Vancouver – Where to Travel With Yours

North Shore

Drive your rental car north of downtown, across one of the bridges, and you will find yourself on what is known as the North Shore. There are plenty of local mountains here that are ideal to drive to, park at the bottom of, and hike up. Do the Grouse Grind if you want a real workout, or stroll around Lynn Canyon and go for a swim in the icy cold waters. Other mountains include Mount Seymour, which offers amazing views, and Cypress Mountain, which is a great place to learn winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding.

Squamish and Whistler

Drive farther north with your car hire in Vancouver and you will get to Squamish and Whistler. Both of these locations have some seriously amazing scenery. Hike ‘The Chief’ in Squamish for a trail that covers three peaks and offers incredible views of Howe Sound below. You can also continue on to Whistler, which in the winter is a world class ski resort, and in summer features an abundance of activities, such as hiking, zip lining and mountain biking. The drive in your rental car, along the Sea To Sky Highway, is worth the trip in itself.

Vancouver Island

Why not take your care hire in Vancouver over to Vancouver Island? It is possible to take your vehicle on the ferry, which leaves multiple times a day. The island is a great place to explore, and is a bit more off the beaten track than the city of Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Go across to the west side, visit the wild beaches of Tofino, and witness the rugged coastline of the Pacific Northwest at its finest. Again, the drive to your destination is a treat in itself, as you get to see stunning scenery and may come across some of the region’s wildlife.