The Advantages of Car Hire in Vancouver vs Ride Sharing

There have been a number of car sharing companies that have sprung up in the city recently, however, are these a better alternative than a conventional car hire in Vancouver?

While on the face of it they can appear a quick and simple option, there are a number of disadvantages compared to a standard car hire in Vancouver, as we will explore further in this article.

Additional planning time

A key benefit to car hire in Vancouver is that once you have paid for the vehicle, you have the car for its entirety, until the end of the rental. This is in contrast to car sharing, where you need to pick-up and drop-off the vehicle each time you require it.

A car hire in Vancouver allows you to go anywhere you please, at any time, ensuring that you need not plan the duration of each trip. Along with this, many car sharing schemes only allow you to park in certain areas, often meaning you’ll need to spend extra time working out where to drop the car off.

All of this adds time onto your journey, which is especially important if you are only visiting Vancouver for a short period of time.

Limited driving distance

Along with their being limitations on where you can park your car sharing vehicle, there is habitually only a certain area where you are permitted to use the car. This boundary limits where you can go and what you can achieve, whereas a conventional car hire in Vancouver gifts you the complete freedom of travel.

Hidden costs

There are a number of costs that are often hidden with car sharing, with a yearly membership or administration fee being common examples. This can come as a surprise for many of its members, as there are often free sign-up initiatives to begin with, meaning that users are unaware of the fees until they are suddenly charged.

For the time-saving and limitless travel opportunities alone, a conventional car hire in Vancouver is often the best option.