Q: Can I pick up a car at one location and drop it off at another?

A: Yes you can. The one way fee is $15.

Q: How long will my reservation be held?

A: We will hold it for 30 minutes maximum. If you believe you are going to miss your reservation time please give adequate notice. A missed reservation could lead to your reservation being canceled.

Q: Is There a Deposit?

A: Yes, a deposit will be held as a Pre-Authorization on the renters credit card.

Q: Can I Rent A Car For Road Test (Driving test)?

A: Yes you can. Please call the local office for more information. Contact us at 604-689-1231 or 1888-689-1231.

Q: How Can I Rent a Car Without a Credit Card?

A: Please call our local office directly to rent a car without using a credit card. 604-689 -1231 or 1-888-689-1231 *Restrictions apply.

Q: Can I Use a Cash Deposit or a Debit Deposit Instead of a Credit Card?

A: Yes, you can provide a cash deposit or a debit deposit in lieu of a credit card. There will be an additional charge of $19.99/day for not using a full credit card. For more information, please call our office 604-689-1231 or 1888-689-1231. *Restrictions apply.

Q: Can I Drive the Rental Car Out of the Province or to The United States?

A: Yes, you can drive the car out of BC and across the border to the United States with written approval from our office. There will be an additional $10/day fee for this service. .

Q: Can I Use a Third Party Credit Card?

A: Yes, you can use a third party credit card, as long as it has a functional chip and PIN. There will be an additional $20/day fee to use a third party credit card. *Restrictions apply.

Q: Is There Any Age Requirement to Rent a Car?

A: Yes, the person renting the car must be 18 years, or older and must possess a valid, government-issued, authentic Driver’s Licence. 'Under Age Fee' may be applied to your rental if you are between the ages of 18 and 24. .

Q: What Credit Cards does Rent a Car Vancouver accept?

A: We accept all VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover UnionPay and JCB  cards. .

Q: Can I use a credit card that belongs to someone else, with consent?

A: Yes, the person to whom the card belongs should come at the time of Rental pick-up, with a valid Photo ID for verification. *Restrictions apply.

Q: Is it possible to extend the car rental period without bringing the car back first?

A: Yes, you can extend your rental period by calling our Customer Support Agents to notify us that you wish to extend: 604-689-1231 or 1-888-689-1231.

Q: Can the rented vehicle be returned after Office Hours?


For our customers’ convenience, we do have an Overnight Drop-box. Please notify us at the time of rental that you wish to use the Overnight Drop-off procedure. Please note that you are wholly responsible for any damages done to the vehicle until it is checked in by our staff.

Q: Can additional drivers use the rental vehicle?


If requested, we can add Additional Drivers to your rental contract, as long as they have a valid driver’s licence.  Ask your Car Rental Agent for more information.

'Additional Driver Fee' may be applied to your rental.

Q: Can we take a car on rent on hourly basis?

A: Hourly rental service is not provided by Rent a Car Vancouver. The car or any vehicle can be taken on rent for at least a single day & in that case, it should be returned within the 24 hour limit of time.

Q: Can one way rentals be provided?

A: One way rental facility is not provided by our company.

Q: Can Child safety seats or GPS service be provided by the company?

A: Yes. For any such accessories, please ask your Rental Agent at the time of making your reservation, as availability is a factor.

Q: Is smoking restricted inside the vehicle?

A: Our vehicles are completely Smoke-Free. A customer who violates this rule is likely to be levied with a fine for any such offence.