Ride in comfort and fit your luggage in easily too with a stylish, full size commuter car.  Full size cars don’t have to sacrifice performance, or interior space to give you great fuel economy and value. It will be smooth to drive on the snow with the winter weather condition.

Full Size Rental Car Features:

  1. 5 Passenger Seating
  2. Dual Front Airbags
  3. Anti-Theft System
  4. Front Wheel Drive
  5. AM/FM stereo
  6. Air Conditioning
  7. Cruise Control
  8. Rear Defroster
  9. Automatic Transmission
  10. Power Steering
  11. Power Locks
  12. Power Front Seats
  13. Power Windows
  14. Power Mirrors
  15. Power Locks and Keyless Entry
  16. Anti-Lock Brakes
  17. W/inter Tire