4 Tips for When You Use Car Hire in Vancouver

Whether you are visiting Vancouver for a short trip, or are a resident planning a weekend getaway, renting a car is a great way to see what the city and nearby attractions have to offer.

In following these four tips below you can make the rental process a simple and effortless task.


Reserve in advance

One of the first tips, and still one of the most important, is to reserve your car ahead of schedule. This allows you to be sure that the car will be available for the exact time you require it, while also allowing for a far greater selection of vehicles.

You are likely to still find a rental car if you leave it to the last minute, though it can often be more expensive than if you had taken the time to reserve it earlier, with availability also not guaranteed.

Rent a car in downtown Vancouver

When you rent a car in downtown Vancouver, the whole rental process becomes much easier for the majority of people. With easy transport links into and out of the city, everyone who is involved with the trip can quickly and easily make their way to the meeting point of the rental office.

Choosing a rental company far outside of the city will add extra time onto your journey, with the added aggravation of having to get home once the car has been dropped back. It is therefore advisable to rent a car in downtown Vancouver whenever possible, particularly as the prices are still very competitive.

Choose a reputable company

Another of the useful tips to follow with your car hire in Vancouver is to choose a reputable company, rather than going for the first, or cheapest option that you encounter. In using a reliable and experienced company, you can be assured that you will receive the best customer service available, without any hidden charges, or surprises.

Don’t underestimate the rental duration

There is a huge amount to see and do with your car hire in Vancouver, so it is well worth overestimating the time that you think you will need the vehicle for.This also allows you to feel more relaxed during the journey, as you aren’t rushing yourself back for a certain time, which isn’t a fun way to end a trip.