Best Ways to Save Money on Car Hire

In the run-up to summer, we all start to plan vacations, and car hire is one thing that often pops up in the planning stages. Whether you are a local going on a mini break to the Island or down to Seattle, or a tourist visiting Vancouver for the first time, we can help you with our best ways to save money on car hire.

Book in Advance

This tip comes up again and again in the best ways to save money on car hire. However, it really works. As soon as you have your vacation dates finalized, make that booking and save money on your car hire. When you book in advance, you are getting the best rates possible. You are also getting the vehicle you want. If this is not available when you show up at the counter without a booking, then you may need to go with a more expensive model than you had planned.

Go with a Local Company

If you live here, then it makes sense to support local businesses. When you get a car hire in Vancouver from a local company, you are giving back to the local economy and will experience the benefits of this yourself in indirect ways. If you are visiting as a tourist, you’ll also get many benefits associated with this. You’ll save money on car hire by going with a local company, as you will get improved customer support and knowledge that a large multi-national firm just wouldn’t have.

Get Another Named Driver

You don’t need to have just one driver per car. If there are a few of you and you want to take turns driving, you can add additional drivers to your car rental. This is one of the best ways to save money on car hire, as you can get to your destination quicker, if you take turns resting and driving, instead of having to stay somewhere overnight or buying coffees at multiple rest stops.

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