Can Young Drivers Rent a Car in Vancouver? With Rent-A-Car Vancouver They Can!

Young drivers are often discouraged from renting vehicles, as they do not think it is possible to rent a car for a young driver in Vancouver. For some firms, that could be the case,but when you are a client of Rent A Car Vancouver, you can rent a car as long as you are over 18 years of age and hold a valid Government-issued Drivers Licence.

If you do not have your license yet, but are planning on taking it soon, then you can also rent a car from us for the purpose of taking the test. To rent a car for a young driver in this situation gives the young driver the opportunity to take the test in a well-maintained and comfortable vehicle. Once the young driver has obtained their licence, then they are free to rent a car for a young driver from us.

We want young drivers to have the freedom that comes with renting a car in Vancouver which their older counterparts have always had. To rent a car for a young driver in Vancouver allows young drivers to do many things that they would otherwise not have access to, such as going on a weekend break, going to the mountains, or even move some heavier items around the city.

We have a wide selection of vehicles to rent a car for young drivers in Vancouver. Browse our website to get an idea of what we have available, or come and visit one of our downtown or Richmond locations. We encourage you to make your reservation in advance, so that you can rent a car of your choice, as there is likely more availability then. This is especially important to those young drivers looking to rent a car in Vancouver for their road test. Make sure that you make a reservation with plenty of time to spare, as this type of reservation requires notice on our side, and we want to make sure that you have a vehicle available to you on the day of your test.

For more information on what is needed to rent a car for a young driver in Vancouver, please get in touch with our office. Give us a call today at 604-689-1231 or toll free on 1-888-689-1231 and we will help you rent a car in Vancouver.