Car Hire in Vancouver: See Our City on Your Timeframe

Trying to explore a new place on transit is such a hassle. You have to make sure you have change, figure out the subtleties of the system, wait for the bus or train to be there, and get a map. In short, transit is the least efficient way to travel. Plus, if you want to get out of town and view our beautiful Vancouver mountains, renting a car is really the only way to go. After all, getting there by bus will take multiple transfers and a long time.

Car Hire Vancouver in Vancouver

Things to See in Vancouver Via Your Car Hire

Go to North Vancouver. This is one of the top hiking spots in the city. With dozens of stunning mountains, gorgeous vistas, and towering waterfalls, there’s always something to see. Most of these places are only a 20-minute drive out of the city core, but will take an hour to get to on the bus. Check out Capilano Suspension Bridge Park or Lynn Canyon.

Getting to West Vancouver is also incredibly easy once you have your car hire in Vancouver. If you’re visiting Vancouver for the first time, West Vancouver is a must see attraction. With stunning beaches that will give you the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen, you’ll feel lucky you had a car. Check out Lighthouse Park or Whytecliff Park to find out what we’re all raving about in Vancouver. Or, take a day trip to Horseshoe Bay where you can watch the ferries coming and going and have delicious fish and chips.

Once you’re finished exploring nature, head back downtown and check out our shopping. Everything in Vancouver is widely spread out, so it’s important to be efficient.

Rent a Car Vancouver: The Best Car Hire Services in Vancouver

Never considered car hire in Vancouver? Think again! Renting a car is the most rewarding and convenient way to visit a new place. When you rent through Rent a Car Vancouver you will be able to take advantage of a huge selection of vehicles, exceptional customer service, and rental rates that you’ll love. Plus, you can reserve online ahead of time to make your trip just that much more convenient. With three convenient locations – one at the airport, two downtown – we know we’re the best rental opportunity in the city. We also know that getting a car hire in Vancouver is the quickest way to fall in love with our fair city.