Car Rental for Young Drivers – What All You Need to Know

When you turn 18, you’re labelled ‘mature’ enough to do a variety of things, like voting, paying taxes, and even going to war (to name a few). However, being under the age of 25 does not seem convincing enough for car hire companies when it comes to renting their cars. At least, they won’t trust you to take their vehicles for a ride, unless you fork out hefty surcharges.

Many car rental companies in Canada allow young drivers under 25 to rent a car. But, there’s no denying young drivers often have a hard time when it comes to renting a car, no matter what their age: 18, 20, or 24. Know that the minimum age limit for car rental is 18.

How Do I Rent a Car Being Under 25?

Looking to rent a car for a young driver? Here’s what you should know when renting a car under 25. What you need is:

To be at least 18 years of age or older.
A valid driver’s license.
A valid debit or credit card.
To pay “under age fee” – it may be applied to your car rental if you’re between 18 and 24 years old.

Do You Have to Be 25 to Rent a Car in Canada?

Well, there’s a reduction in the price of car insurance after the age of 25. That’s because the car rental industry views anyone under a higher risk leading to accidents. After the age of 25, the rates of car accidents reduce considerably.

Even car rental companies think the same. However, if you’re looking to rent a car for a young driver under 25 in Canada, you can go ahead and hire a car, but you’ll have to pay for the surcharges applied by the company.

Benefits of Renting a Car at 18

• Experience – When you’re 18 and rent a car, you get the necessary experience needed to become an expert driver.
• Ease of Transportation – If you’re a student or young driver, it’s a lot easier for you to get around without hassles with a car rental.
• Confidence – When a young driver opts for a car rental service, it boosts his or her confidence.

Is there a Fee for Car Rental Under 25?

Yes indeed! When you rent a car as a young driver under 25, there’s an additional fee (known as Underage Driver’s Fee or Young Renter Fee).

Now that you have got rid of the stress of the driving test, you’re finally a proud holder of a driving license. With a valid permit in hand, you cannot wait any longer to use it right away when heading out on an epic summer road trip with buddies. Look for a car rental company as professional as Rent a Car Vancouver that allows young drivers at least 18 years or older to rent their cars.