Car Rental in Vancouver – Reasons for Locals to Rent

When you think of renting a car in the city of Vancouver, you are probably thinking that it is something that only tourists and those visiting the city on business do. Naturally these are some of the biggest demographics of people who avail of car rental in Vancouver. Yet what you may not know is that locals also rent cars, and there are a number of reasons that they might do so. Let’s investigate some of these reasons below:Car Rental Vancouver

Short Trips

One of the number one reasons for locals to get car rental in Vancouver is to get away from Vancouver. No, they are not splitting town, but instead going on a short trip for the weekend or on a holiday. Whistler is super popular with Vancouverites and so are destinations on the island,such as Victoria, or Tofino. The best ways to get to these destinations from Vancouver is by driving, and car rental in Vancouver can facilitate this with ease, as it can be picked up and returned locally.

Family Visiting

Another reason why car rental in Vancouver is popular among locals is that they may have family in town. Many Vancouverites don’t have a car, or have small ones that are suitable to driving in the city. When family visit, especially elderly parents, having a bigger vehicle to get around can come in very handy. That’s why car rental in Vancouver is so popular among locals, when they have relatives in town around the holidays.

Moving Homes

Car rental in Vancouver is often very popular at the end of the month, because this is typically when people move homes. To assist with this, people will often rent vans or trucks to help them transport their belongings from their old home to their new home. And for those who don’t own a car, renting a car over a couple of days will make moving so much easier and allow for valuable and fragile items to be transported by the owners, rather than on the moving truck.

If you live in Vancouver and would like to rent a car for any of the above options or more, have a look at the great deals on our website, or drop by one of our central locations to learn more about car rental in Vancouver. Whatever your reason, we will help find the perfect rental vehicle to suit you and your needs.