Car Rental Tips: How to Save Money

If you are looking for car rental tips for the best ways to save money, we have a number of suggestions to help keep the price down.

Car rental is a fantastic way of seeing a new city or region, allowing you to really make the most of any vacation or holiday, even if you only have a short period of time. It needn’t be an expensive option either, as we explore with the money saving tips below.


Book early

One of the easiest car rental tips for saving money, is to ensure you book as early as possible. This will allow you to make use of any special offers that may be available, helping you secure the best price. Turning up at the airport without a rental reservation, for example, is likely to cost you more.

Along with being a great way to save money, booking early also ensures you have the best choice of vehicles, allowing you to get your desired set of wheels.

Gas refill

A quick and easy tip on how to save money with car rental, is to ensure you bring the vehicle back with a full tank of gas. You can often be charged an extra fee, or a higher gas price for an estimated fill, so take the time to fill up before dropping it back, in order to save a few dollars.

Make use of drop-off and pick-up services

Lastly, it is often cost-effective to use a car rental company that offers a free drop-off or pick-up service. This is particularly true if you are flying in or out of an airport, as you can reduce the amount you would have spent on airport transit, which can sometimes be a staggering amount.

In summary

In following the three car rental tips listed above for how to save money, you can make your hire car as cheap as possible. This will allow you to spend the extra money on other activities and excursions, helping to make your trip even better.