Do You Need to Buy Insurance for a Rental Car?

Owning a car to meet your needs will require maintenance, service, and renewal of spare parts. The cost of spare parts for a car keeps on increasing over time. This could be the reason why instead of buying your own car you should just rent a car Vancouver when you need one. This would reduce your worries related to the cost of car ownership. When you rent a car Vancouver, then you do not need to worry about the expenses for maintenance or buying any parts; you just need to fuel your car up, and you will be set for the drive. Renting a car will help you if you need a vehicle for a few days a month or even several weeks. So, do you ever wonder whether you need to buy insurance for your rental car?

The answer to the above question is yes. But, you can easily opt-out of rental car insurance from the insurance section of your rental company contract. It is not mandatory to get your rental car insured by the rental company. If you have your own car, then the insurance policies may expand to cover car rentals as well. You could also have coverage for the rental car through your credit card. It will totally depend on you whether you want insurance from a car rental company or from any of the insurance providers, however it is very important that you do have insurance from one provider or another.

When you rent a car Vancouver, then the insurance provided by the car rental service provider covers a loss damage waiver or collision damage waiver. This means that the insurance coverage will be provided if your car gets damaged in a collision, stolen, or vandalized.

With this car rental insurance, the car rental provider will not provide coverage for repair or losses.

Things to check before buying insurance for your rental car

Check on the maximum limit of the collision damage insurance.
You should know about the deductibles for your rental car insurance.
Check on whether your car insurance provider offers primary or secondary coverage for your rental car.
Check whether your entire car will be covered in the insurance policy.
Check whether roadside assistance is standard coverage in rental car insurance or not.

These are some points you should keep in mind when you rent a car Vancouver. Now you have an idea about whether you should insure your rental car.