Don’t Make These Common Car Hire in Vancouver Mistakes

Renting a car should be a relatively straightforward process and most of the time it is. However, there are mistakes that we see over and over again that leave people feeling unsatisfied with the experience.

Follow our tips to get the most out of a car hire in Vancouver. That way you can have a positive time when you rent a car in Vancouver.

Go With the Right Company

Choose a reputable car hire company in Vancouver. Look for one that cares for its vehicles, has good reviews, and offers great customer service. Going with a local company will give you better quality customer service, as they’ll have more time for you than the large multinational chains. Better customer service means fewer issues and quicker resolution of any problems, should they arise.

Book in Advance

Another big mistake that people commonly make when renting a car in Vancouver is not booking a vehicle in advance. While a great car rental company will always have something available, it probably won’t be the one you had your eye on when browsing the website. Booking a car in advance helps you avoid disappointment. This is particularly important if you need a certain type of vehicle; for example, if you need to rent a minivan for a large family. Reserve your car hire in Vancouver and you won’t be left disappointed.


If you are visiting the city, finding your way around can sometimes prove difficult. After all, you’re in a new place and navigation can be tough at the best of times. When you rent a car in Vancouver, make sure to get a GPS. This is a small extra cost that will save you a lot of hassle in the long run, never mind expensive roaming data fees. A GPS will show you where you need to go and the best route to get there.

Make Sure All the Drivers Are There to Pick Up the Car

If you want to have more than one person driving your car hire in Vancouver, you need to make sure they are all there when you pick it up. Every driver will need to present their valid driver’s licence at the counter. There is a nominal fee for each extra driver, but it will make a big difference if you plan on going on long trips. Only named drivers can drive your car hire in Vancouver, so think carefully about how many you will need before picking it up.

Get Insurance

Lastly, it’s better to be safe than sorry when you rent a car in Vancouver. Make sure you get the right level of insurance when you go to pick up your car. Some people have coverage on their credit cards, but you need to make sure that it is enough for what you need. Otherwise, you can get insurance through the car hire company when you rent a car in Vancouver.