Driving Safety Tips for Your Car Hire in Richmond

If you’re planning to rent a car in Richmond for a winter trip, there are a few safety tips you’ll need to keep in mind for the drive. Those who have driven in Canada before will be aware of the rules of the road, but driving when the weather gets cold presents unique challenges. You’re probably planning to leave Richmond with your car hire, and if so, make sure to bear this important road safety advice in mind.

Car Hire Richmond

Inform Your Rental Service of Your Destination

Before you rent a car in Richmond, tell your car hire service exactly where you’re planning to take the vehicle. During the winter, cars and trucks must be equipped with snow tires to drive on certain roads. Having a truck with four-wheel drive will be much more helpful to you in adverse conditions, so discuss the best, and safest option with the company before you settle on anything.

Drive Gently and Slowly

If you’re planning on going north to icier roads, adjust your driving technique accordingly. Being cautious while you drive is highly recommended, as surfaces become slippery and more perilous to navigate. Take it easy, speed up and slow down more smoothly than usual, never brake suddenly, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Use Your Lights

If in doubt, turn your lights on. If visibility is in any way impaired, leave your lights on all day. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stay on Good Roads

If you’re unsure about certain routes, it’s probably best to just avoid them. Renting a car in Richmond will give you a lot of access to different main roads, so try not to stray too far from the beaten track, if it’s not absolutely necessary.

Turn Corners Slowly

Slow all the way down before turning a corner, and never do so at speed, because your car may skid. By bringing your vehicle to a virtual stop before making a 90-degree turn, the momentum to go in a direction you hadn’t intended will be eliminated.

Watch Out for Wild Animals

Many wild animals don’t go into true hibernation in Canada when winter comes around, so make sure to drive slowly and keep your eyes peeled if warning signs are erected. This will help protect you and the animals that call the area their home, and might also be a chance to spot some wildlife up close.

Adjust your driving for winter conditions when you get a car hire in Richmond, and you will be safer on the road.