Hiring a Car on Holiday? Learn These Seven Things

Are you planning a trip to see the beauty of Vancouver and BC? Are you from another country? If so,we urge you to book a car hire in Vancouver when you are booking your holiday. This will allow you the freedom to explore not just the city, but all the surrounding areas. We can not wait to see you, but don’t come unprepared. Know a thing or seven about car rentals before you pick one up. To help you, here are seven things to know about hiring a car on holiday.

Hiring a Car on Holiday

1. You must be of age for car hire in Vancouver:

You need to be at least 18 years old or older to rent a car in BC.

2. Remember your licence:

You can drive a car in BC with a valid driver’s licence from your country, however, if you want to be extra sure there is not going to be trouble, maybe look into getting an international driver’s licence. Also, make sure to have your licence with you at all times while you are driving.

3. Brush up on Canadian road signs and speed limits:

This will help avoid trouble if you come across one that is not something you see in your country. Also, make sure you know what the average speed limit is on highways and in towns.

4. Book your car ahead of time:

By booking your car early, you can make sure that it will be there and that you get a good deal.

5. Make sure you inspect the car before driving:

It is extremely important to go over the car carefully with a representative of the rental place to make sure you don’t get charged for damages you didn’t cause.

6. Make sure to return the car to the pick up location:

This is not only courteous, but it can also save you money, as some places charge a one way fee for cars dropped off at a location other than the rental office where you picked it up.

7. Shop for deals:

You know what kind of car you want, and you know what your budget is. Shop around for a deal you can afford and for the car you want.

If you look into these seven things when hiring a car on holiday, your stay with us will be a smooth and pleasant one. Rent a Car Vancouver will be happy to help you find the right car.