How to Choose the Right Rental Car

There are so many variables to consider relating to how to choose the right rental car. It can actually make the choice a little bit overwhelming if you overthink it too much, or don’t think it through enough.Car Rental Vancouver

At Rent A Car Vancouver, we understand that there can be a lot of choice when it comes to hiring a vehicle. That is why our knowledgable team is always here to help you when you need to make this decision. Let us guide you through some of the factors you should consider in how to choose the right rental car.


One of the most obvious things that will assist you in choosing the right rental car is the number of passengers. If it is a larger family, a minivan might be more appropriate and easier than hiring two separate vehicles. If there are only a couple of you, then maybe something small and slick is the ideal way to get around.


What you are using the vehicle for can influence your choice in how to choose the right rental car. If you are heading to the mountains for skiing or camping, then you will want to pick a vehicle that is capable of taking on those types of terrains and accommodating your gear, such as an SUV. Alternatively, if you are sticking to urban areas, then something smaller will probably be easier for parking and allow you to cruise through narrower streets.


How much you can spend will naturally have a large effect on how to choose the right rental car. If your budget is small, then there are some excellent economy options and promotions available for renting for longer periods, such as a weekly discount. For those with larger budgets, consider renting a luxury vehicle. These top of the range cars are usually out of reach and most of us with never own one, but by renting one you will get a chance to drive a vehicle like this around for a while.

Rental Company

Finally, how to choose the right rental car can be made a lot easier when you choose the right rental company. At Rent A Car Vancouver, we pride ourselves on being Vancouver’s premier car rental service. We have central pick up and drop off locations, a wide range of vehicles for every purpose and preference, competitive prices, special promotions, and great customer service.