How to Find a Cheap Car Rental

Everyone loves to get a deal, which is why we are going to let you in on a few tips for how to find a cheap car rental. At Rent A Car Vancouver, we have a wide range of vehicles and strive to offer our customers excellent value rentals. Today our experts are on hand to give you some advice on finding a bargain.

How to Find a Cheap Car Rental

Weekly Discount

It may be possible to get a weekly discount on a car rental. If this is the case, you should evaluate for how long you need the car. For example, if you need it for six days, it might be worth renting it for a week in order to avail of the weekly discount.

Get a Compact Car

Unless you need a large car for a particular reason, such as you are going to partake in winter sports activities, or have a lot of luggage and/or passengers, then you should consider getting a compact vehicle, due to the value they offer. This is one of the top tips for how to find a cheap car rental and most people are pleasantly surprised at how little a rental car like that costs.

Consider How Many Drivers You Need

Each named driver will cost you a bit more so consider how many drivers you actually need. While it is not ideal to have just the one person doing all the driving, if you have four passengers in the vehicle, you probably don’t need everyone behind the wheel at different stages. Having just a couple of drivers means that you will save money on a rental vehicle.

Go Local

We pride ourselves on being a local business at Rent A Car Vancouver. This means that we do not have as much overhead as large multinational companies and can pass these savings on to our customers. We also offer excellent customer service and have great knowledge of the local area.

Take a look at our website or head to our lot today to see what type of deals we currently have on offer. We want you to be able to find a cheap car rental, as we know that savings make a happy customer!