How to Get the Best Deals for Car Hire in Vancouver

When you need to hire a car, you also need to find out about the best deals. Vancouver is known to be an expensive city, but that doesn’t necessarily have to extend to car hire, once you know how to score the best deals.

As car hire in Vancouver experts, we know how you can find these. Simply use one or a few of the following tips the next time that you need to rent a car in this beautiful city.

Best Deals for Car Hire Vancouver

  1. Book in Advance

Similarly to flights, the more in advance that you book, the more likely you are to get a great deal. If you know you are going to be visiting Vancouver in the coming months, the time to plan car hire in Vancouver is now. Likewise, if there is something that you need a car for and you don’t own one, start to organize a rental as soon as you know the dates. The more notice you can give, the better the prices you can get. You will also have better choice when it comes to vehicles, as there is probably quite a large selection available. If you go to book car hire in Vancouver on the day you need it, you may be left with fewer options.

2. Look out for discount codes

It is possible to get discounts for car hire in Vancouver by looking out for discount codes online. Sometimes if you sign up for email alerts from companies you can avail of them and other times you can find them in magazines and brochures aimed for tourists visiting Vancouver. Many car hire companies in Vancouver also offer discounts to returning customers or those who avail of longer term rentals, like hiring cars for a couple of weeks. Another way to obtain a discount for car hire in Vancouver is to set up a corporate account with a company. Car hire organizations will often offer good rates to businesses who repeatedly rent from them.

3. Go Local

You are guaranteed to find better rates for car hire in Vancouver when you go with a locally owned company like Rent A Car Vancouver. Locally-owned companies not only have better prices and excellent customer service, but they also allow you to contribute to the local economy of Vancouver in a meaningful way.