How to Get the Best Value – Rent A Car Vancouver

Getting around Vancouver is easy… when you have a car. Although the transit in the city is not terrible, with a relatively reliable bus and SkyTrain network, it is still not world class, when Vancouver is frequently referred to as a world class city. So, whether you are a local, or a visitor, there are times when you really just need to have access to a car. However, this doesn’t mean you have to buy one and spend a lot of money on something that you might not use all the time. It is indeed possible to rent a car in Vancouver.


The idea of renting a car in Vancouver may be new to you and with that you may have some reservations about it. It is likely that these are in regards to what the cost would be to rent a car in Vancouver and it is likely that they are untrue. In fact, to rent a car in Vancouver is surprisingly good value, if you do it the right way. Here are some of the best tips on how to get the best value when you rent a car in Vancouver.

1. Book Ahead

You’ll always get the best rates when you book ahead of time. Just like flights, to rent a car in Vancouver it is cheaper if you reserve your vehicle in advance. This can be done online, or by calling to book. You will get the best rates the earlier that you book.

2. Go with a Locally Owned Company

Whether you live in or are visiting the place, it is always good to give back to the Vancouver economy by using locally owned companies. And when you rent a car in Vancouver and go with a locally owned company, you will get better rates than the international chains, which have bigger overheads.

3. Look Out for Discounts

There are usually discounts on offer when you rent a car in Vancouver. It might be for booking during off-peak season, or for return customers. Keep an eye out for these codes to save even more.