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How to Prepare for Car Rental in Vancouver

If you are visiting the city of Vancouver or you are a resident that needs to hire a car for a few days, this post is for you. Before you book your vehicle, we are here to tell you what you need for car rental in Vancouver.

At Rent A Car Vancouver, we are one of the top providers of rental vehicles in the city. We have a large section available for car rental in Vancouver, from pick up trucks to luxury cars to economy options. We want our customers to have as much choice as they need, so that they can get the right vehicle for their purpose and feel comfortable and have fun driving it. As the car rental experts in the city, we want to let you know how to prepare for car rental in Vancouver.

Have Your License Ready

In order to obtain a car rental in Vancouver, you will need to have a valid drivers licence. It is okay to rent if you have an N licence, it just needs to be valid. You will need to bring this with you when you first hire the vehicle and keep it with you at all times when you are driving. If you need to rent a vehicle for your driving test, you can also do this. Just contact us beforehand and we will help you set that up.

Know What Type of Vehicle You Need

What purpose do you need car rental in Vancouver for? This will help you decide what type of car that you need. For example, to go skiing for a weekend you will probably need an SUV that can take on the mountain and carry your equipment. If you are moving some furniture, you might need a pick-up truck. If you are a family visiting the city for the first time, a mini van could be a great choice, so everybody and their luggage can travel together.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Finally, at Rent A Car Vancouver, we want to offer all of the support and knowledge that we can to those considering renting with us. We encourage you to ask all of the questions that come to you, so that you are as informed as possible when getting your rental vehicle from us. Don’t be afraid to ask anything, our sales team are here to support you every step of the way with car rental in Vancouver.