Need to Rent a car in Vancouver? Here are a Few Things to Know

If you’re visiting Vancouver and you decide to rent a car, you can rent it as soon as you get to the airport. Driving up Granville Street all the way to downtown Vancouver in a vehicle as luxurious as you opt for can make for a quick ride, should you want to get straight downtown, or take the long road in and pop into neighbourhoods like Kerrisdale, Kitsilano, and East Vancouver favourite, Commercial Drive, along the way.

Car Rental Vancouver

Or, if you’re visiting Vancouver and think you’ll be too tired to drive after a long flight, take transit or a cab into the city and look for a Vancouver car rental company that is conveniently located downtown and will pick you up and drop you off at your chosen location. Why not get a fresh start in the morning instead of driving right after a long flight?

When you rent the car, make sure your auto insurance is covered, either by opting into the rental car company’s insurance program and paying the required fees, or by having it included in your regular car insurance policy, or by having a travel protection plan through your major credit card.

You should also know that parking will be an issue, and some hotels may charge for parking, especially downtown, depending on the location. The hourly parking meters become free after 10 PM until 9 AM, meaning you can park in city meters at night if you want to wake up before they go into effect again and explore a part of the city that has available parking, or even explore places like Whistler or Harrison hot springs during the day. Also, check to make sure there are no restrictions on the meters for things like special events.

If you’re looking to rent a car in Vancouver and save money, you might consider comparing auto rental rates, but also important to compare are hotel location rates before booking anything. Renting a car means bringing more of the city closer together, allowing you to be able to access cheaper hotel rental rates at places just minutes from downtown by car.

When you rent a car in Vancouver, it’s also important to be patient on Vancouver streets, as certain spots become congested at times, and sometimes these congestions are hard to predict. Give yourself time to arrive to a chosen destination and leave as early and meander as much as you want in your rental car, knowing you paid the least and got to drive exactly what you wanted!