Places to Visit With Your Vancouver Car Rental

There is no denying that Vancouver and British Columbia are stunning places to visit,or live, so what are the best areas and attractions to check out with your Vancouver car rental?

Whistler and Pemberton

No trip to Vancouver is complete without driving the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Whistler. A fantastic tour in itself, the road provides stunning and picturesque views of both the sea and the mountains, which can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace from your personal Vancouver car rental.

Once you have taken in the hustle and bustle of Whistler, there are a number of other areas close by to explore. Slightly further north of Whistler lies the area of Pemberton, which is another favourite when having a car rental from Vancouver. Joffre Lakes, for example, is a stunning place to visit both in thesummer and also in the winter, as the lakes freeze over and you can walk out on them.

Vancouver Island

While you can’t drive your Vancouver car rental directly onto Vancouver Island, with the use of one of the regular and reasonably priced ferry services, you can take your car over to see the very best of the island.

Fantastic for hiking, mountain biking, surfing and a number of other outdoor activities, Vancouver Island is a must-see if you have a car rental in Vancouver, particularly the world famous surfing town of Tofino with its beautiful and long beaches

Driving Down to Seattle

Another option for those who are in Vancouver with a car rental is to venture the short distance down to the border and hop over for a visit to the historic and interesting city of Seattle.

Famous for its music scene, it has many attractions that make it a great place for a weekend getaway, such as Pike Place Market, the Seattle Underground Tour and the Seattle Great Wheel ferris wheel. If you have a car rental in Vancouver for a number of days and are interested in sampling some of the United States culture and personality, then Seattle is certainly a place that has this in abundance.