Read This Before You Rent a Car in Vancouver

To rent a car in Vancouver is very convenient, and can make any trip, be it for business or pleasure, a much more enjoyable affair. What can be better than seeing this lovely part of the world in a convertible or even a luxury car.Then again, what can be worse than finishing the trip and getting charged for damages to the vehicle you didn’t cause on your trip?Not everyone who rents cars is respectful to the vehicles. The car you rent may have some pre-existing damage. If that damage was not checked out before you leave the car lot, there is a good chance you will end up paying for that damage. It is crucial that you do an inspection before you rent a car in Vancouver.

Start with the exterior of the car. Walk around and make a note and take a picture of every single scratch and dent you can find. Make sure that someone from the car rental company is with you when you do this.

Then, check the tires. Do they have enough tread to last your entire trip? You don’t want a blow out on some strange highway. If it is in the winter months, make sure there are winter tires on the car you are about to rent. Vancouver may have mild weather, but there are areas where a cold snap can mean icy roads.

The interior of the car is as important to have checked before you leave the lot. Look for stains and rips and other damage that could be attributed to you if you don’t report it first. Most car rental places keep their cars in good shape, but don’t take this for granted.

All the electronics like the lights, blinkers, dash lights, radio and air conditioning should all be checked to make sure they work properly. Don’t ever get caught off guard in a car that is not your own.

If you find minor problems like scratches or dents, make sure the company notes them on your contract. If there are bigger problems, such as bald tires or broken lights, then make sure they are fixed before you get on the road.

We all want to get in a car and hit the open highway, but spending just a little extra time at the beginning of your journey could save you a lot of money at the end of it. Rent a Car Vancouver has a great selection.