Reasons to Rent a Car in Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver is a really fun city in which to drive around.Even if you don’t have your own vehicle, or you are just visiting, it is still possible to do this when you rent a car in Downtown Vancouver. Here are some of the top reasons to do this:Reasons to Rent a Car in Downtown Vancouver

1. It’s Easy to Get to

If you are renting a car, you probably don’t have one yourself. So you should pick a location where you can pick up your rental vehicle, which is easy to get to. Downtown Vancouver is served very well by public transit, so you can easily get to it. The central location is one of the many reasons people want to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver.

2. It’s Probably Where Your Accommodation Is Located

Visiting Vancouver? Then your hotel is likely downtown, which is another reason to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver. If you arrive to the airport, you can simply get a shuttle, the Skytrain, or a cab to your accommodation and then once you have dropped off your luggage you can go to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver.

3. It’s Near the Top Sites and Attractions

Another great reason to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver, particularly if you are a tourist, is that Downtown Vancouver is where some of the top sites and attractions are. Having a car will make it easy to get to great places like Stanley Park and attractions such as the Steamclock. It will also offer easy access to the North Shore and all of the great hikes and winter sports opportunities out there.

4. It’s Simple to Navigate

Driving in Downtown Vancouver is pretty easy. Like most North American cities, there is a grid system, meaning it is easy to navigate and find your way around. Downtown Vancouver is quite compact, so when you rent a car in Downtown Vancouver, you will get to wherever you need to go in very little time.

5. It’s a Beautiful Drive

Driving around Downtown Vancouver is surprisingly scenic for a city. There are impressive glass skyscrapers, as well as some gorgeous older architecture. When you drive down Beach Avenue you can see the beaches and Kitsilano over the water, then you can make your way through Stanley Park and over the Lion’s Gate Bridge, which will take you to one of the most scenic drives in Canada, the incomparable Sea to Sky Highway.