Short Day Trip Ideas for Your Car Rental in Vancouver

Whether you have been living in Vancouver your whole life, or have only just arrived, there is always a new location or area to explore.

Surrounded by some of the most stunning and beautiful scenery that Canada has to offer, getting a car rental in Vancouver is the best way to see it, if you don’t already have a vehicle of your own.

Here are three ideas for day trips you can do with your car rental in Vancouver, starting with the beautiful Buntzen Lake.

Short Day Trip Ideas for Your Car Rental in Vancouver

Buntzen Lake

If you are after a slice of the wilderness, without all the effort of getting there, Buntzen Lake is a great option. Located just north of Port Moody, it’s an easily accessible and relaxing area. You can enjoy the walking trails that encircle the lake, along with it being an idyllic spot for a picnic on a sunny day.

White Rock

If you are looking for an interesting, relaxing, and pretty location to visit, White Rock should certainly be on your list. Situated south of Vancouver, and close to the US border, the city is famous for its many fish and chip shops, along with the pristine coastline.

Popular as a stopover for the journey between Vancouver and Seattle, it’s certainly worth a visit as its own destination.

Sunshine Coast

If you are looking to get the ferry experience with your car rental in Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast is an alternative to heading on the longer trip over to Vancouver Island.

The tranquil and peaceful towns of Gibsons and Sechelt are both perfect places to unwind and relax, while also enjoying the beautiful views back over the water to Vancouver.

Many more places

While we have touched on these three places you can visit with a short trip in your car rental, this is only scratching the surface of the possibilities, with their being dozens more scenic and interesting locations to explore.

With a rental car in Vancouver, the world really is your oyster.