Some Important Tips to Consider While Renting an SUV

If you and your friends or family are planning on taking a nice road trip this summer, but no one has wheels, then you can always rent a car in Vancouver. If you have a large group going on this trip, then you might want to rent an SUV. Comfort is key when it comes to long road trips so, yes, it might be a bit more expensive than an economy car, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Here are some tips to consider when renting an SUV in Vancouver.

Renting an SUV in Vancouver

Book in advance: This is a great tip to follow. If you make finding the right SUV part of the trip planning, you can book weeks in advance. This gives you the opportunity to look for the perfect vehicle and also the perfect deal.

Ask for deals: When you do land on a place to rent from, ask them about any deals that might be available to you. There is a good chance that a discount is available, but you will need to ask. This could help with the price.

Don’t rent from the airport: This is something that may not be widely known. Airports are expensive places to have a business. That is why you see some strange prices in airport stores. The same goes for car rentals. If you can mange it, rent from a location that is not near the airport.

Get only the extras you need: If small children will be going with you on the trip, you might need a car seat. If you are going to a different city, you may need a GPS system. However, don’t pay for a thing more than what you will actually need.

Do a full inspection: You won’t be the first person to drive that SUV. Make sure that you and the person doing the inspection are both in agreement about what damages werethere before you drive it off the lot. Don’t get charged for someone else’s carelessness.

Budget extra for gas: If you don’t own an SUV, chances are you are not familiar with the amount of gas they can burn through on a trip. It has gotten better over the years, but when you budget for gas, add a little extra money just to make sure there is enough.

Return with a full tank.If you budget enough for gas, then you can return the vehicle with the same level of gas that was there at the beginning of your rental and avoid a charge from the rental company for refilling the tank.

Return to same location: When you drive a car from one location to the another and then drop it off there, they have to drive it back to the original location. To compensate for that, companies will charge you a “one-way fee”. If you want to avoid that, return the car to the same location.

Rent a Car Vancouver has downtown locations and a great selection of SUVs. Now that you have these tips to consider when renting an SUV in Vancouver, check them out. They could get you on the road in no time.