Tips To Avoid Heavy Charges For Car Rentals

It is summertime and it is time to go and explore and enjoy this beautiful province of BC. Sure, you don’t have a car, but you are over 18 and you have a valid driver’s licence, so you can go rent a car for a day trip or longer. That’s right, you can go rent a car and enjoy the open road along with everyone else. Just make sure that you don’t ruin the trip by getting dinged with a bunch of extra charges when you return the car. Here are some tips to avoid heavy charges for car rentals.

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Inspect the Car: Make sure you look at every little dent or scratch that is on the inside and outside of the car. Make sure you and the car rental company agree on the condition the car is in before you leave the lot. This will help you to avoid getting charged for damages you didn’t cause.

Return the Car to the same location: There are car rental places that have downtown and airport locations for you to pick a car up. However, you should make sure you return the car to the location you got it from to avoid a one-way fee.

Avoid extras: It is very important to get everything you need for your trip, but don’t get anything extra that you will not need. These extras can add up and soon the deal you thought you got is out the window and the trip becomes expensive.

Read the fine print: This is the last thing you should do before you sign the deal and get in the car. Make sure you are aware of any and all penalties that you can accrue while driving the car. This can be things like going over the daily mileage or not filling up the gas tank to the level it was before you rented it. Make sure you understand everything about the contract beforehand, so there are no surprises.

Drive Safe: This is not just a good tip for avoiding charges, this is a good tip for your entire trip. Drive safely and make sure you don’t get into any minor or major accidents. This will keep the car rental low and the trip fun.

So, there are some tips to avoid heavy charges for car rentals. You can do even more to keep the cost down by calling up a place like Rent A Car Vancouver and asking about any deals they might have for the summer.