Top 10 Must-Visit Attractions in Vancouver

Vancouver is a commercial hub with nature at its backdrop. It offers a fine amalgam of the picturesque parks, museums, aquatic life, adventure sports, and a bustling night life.

If you are planning to visit the city any time soon, be sure to visit some of its not-to-miss-out attractions that are captivating and awe-inspiring. All you need to do is book a car hire service in Vancouver and go about the wonders the city has to offer!

Best 10 Attractions to Visit in Vancouver

1.    Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a swaying bridge, 137 meters in length over the Capilano river. Walk across the bridge and explore the scenic beauty that lies ahead. The lush green forests can be easily travelled via other elevated suspension bridges.

2.    Vancouver Aquarium

Every traveler in Vancouver needs to visit this place! It houses 70,000 incredible creatures from across the Oceans of the world. It is an aquarium like no other and brings you close and personal with the aquatic beauty of the life underwater.

3.    The Vancouver Trolley Company   

One of the main attractions of the magnificent city of Vancouver is the Vancouver Trolley Company. One can visit the best places in Vancouver using this hop-on, hop off service. It takes you to the most popular tourist attractions and can be easily reached using car hire service.

4.    Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours

The classic and traditional horse-drawn tours are the best of the lot! One can explore the natural beauty of the park in one of these old-fashioned tours.

5.    FlyOver Canada

Experience Canada in the most unique way with FlyOver Canada! It is one of the recent tourist attractions that offer a flight stimulation ride complete with wind, scents, and other external stimuli. There is a huge dome-shaped screen that is equipped with advanced projection and ride technology that simply the best!

6.    Harbour Cruises & Events

Car rental services are best to reach the harbor for the extravaganza that follows. Enjoy a day-time or night-time public cruise and enjoy Vancouver like never before with the popular boat sightseeing company, Harbour Cruises & Events.

7.    Vancouver Lookout

As the name suggests, survey the city from a height of 130 meters at the downtown Harbour Centre. Vancouver Lookout is the best place to spend a “personal time” reflecting on your tour and what lies ahead in your exploration journey.

8.    Vancouver Art Gallery

This is a favorite for the art lovers. Spend the afternoon gushing about the masterpieces at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

9.    Science World

There are a lot of interactive displays, exhibitions and informative films that await you at Science World. Explore your scientific side and learn about the different phenomenon and discoveries of Science.

10.    Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Nothing matches to being closer to nature and appreciating it! This is a sanctuary at the centre of Vancouver and offering a serene place to experience the Chinese garden rich in its rock, water, plants and architecture.