What Are the Best Types of Rental Cars to Get in Vancouver

The type of rental cars to get in Vancouver depend on the purposes for which they will be used. We’ve put together some examples below to help you decide.

Pick Up Trucks

If you need to transport something heavy, such as furniture, then a pick up truck is a good idea. Many people might rent one for a few days if they are redecorating their home, so they have a chance to grab a few things. This is especially helpful if you are new to the city and don’t yet have your own, or if you do own one, but it is quite small. A pick up truck can carry a heavy load and it makes sense to rent one if you only need it for a couple of days.


SUVs are spacious rental cars in Vancouver that can drive in bad conditions. We always recommend SUVs to tourists who will be heading up the local mountains for skiing in Winter or hiking during Summer. An SUV with all wheel drive and winter tires will assist you in getting there safely and leave you with plenty of room to bring your equipment and gear with you.

Luxury Vehicles

Renting a luxury vehicle is a great way to experience driving a top of the range car. This is an awesome way to make a special occasion even more special. Why not hit up an event in style by driving to it in a luxury vehicle? A luxury rental car in Vancouver is also a really good way to impress an important client while they are in town. They will be very impressed if you pick them up in a premium car when they arrive in the city.

Mini Vans

A mini van is an awesome vehicle to rent if you have family visiting. Get the whole gang into one rental car in Vancouver and make getting around simple. It will be much easier than everyone driving their own vehicles and you will be able to spend even more quality family time together. Weekend trips have never been simpler when you have a mini van rental.

For more vehicles available as rental cars in Vancouver, check out our expansive selection on our website. We have a rental car in Vancouver to suit every need that you have in the city and its surrounding areas.