What Happens When You Return Your Rental Car Late

You got a flat tire. You lost 4 hours of your journey time. You need to return the rented car and are running behind schedule. In such cases, apart from the anxiety, what else can you expect? For starters, a hole in your pocketbook, or maybe nothing, if your luck is good. But honestly, it all depends on the car rental service you opted for. However, if you rent a car downtown in Vancouver, it may work out well for you!

Most often, rentals are likely to come across late returns, as opposed to early arrivals. However, late or early, the return of the vehicle before or after its designated time has an effect.

It all boils down to the situation and the contract you signed up for. Usually, all of these details are mentioned before you sign the rental contract. The terms and conditions clearly state what you should and should not expect.

In case of such an event, here is what you can expect. So, buckle up and keep your eyes open while you read the text below.

1. Early Arrival

Let us assume that you dropped your car back before the return time. What now? Is it fair to expect a discount or partial refund? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. When you book a car rental, you sign specific terms and conditions based on which vehicle is rented to you and for how long. So, if an early return clause is mentioned in your contract, you can likely expect a refund. Failing that, there is nothing much you can do about it.

2. Late Arrival

Late arrival is often followed by an additional fee to compensate for the lost time. There is a high probability that the car is needed for another booking and the delay caused an inconvenience. In some cases, a late return will trigger a charge for another day of rental, especially if you return the vehicle after business hours, but in many cases, if the vehicle is returned just a bit late, the rental company will choose not to charge a late fee.

3. Damage

Any damage caused to the rented vehicles will cost you an additional charge. Furthermore, you might need to pay the entire amount for the repairs of the damage caused during the journey, if you did not opt for the additional insurance coverage. So, these are the things you need to be understand when you rent a car.

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