Why Car Rental Companies Charge More from Young Drivers

Young drivers often ask why their car insurance is pricier than others and why car rental companies overcharge them. The reason is car insurance companies and car rental companies determine their prices by analyzing the risk. Unfortunately, when it comes to young drivers, the risk involved is quite higher. Young drivers are inexperienced and more prone to road accidents. Their inexperience panics them when they see a tough situation on the road suddenly. If you see the records, young drivers are responsible for the most road accidents.

Here are some other reasons that increase the risks and make car rental expensive for young drivers.


Though most young drivers drive sensibly, some young drivers don’t hesitate to take risks. They wear seatbelts when they see police personnel on the road and then take it off. They don’t hesitate to break traffic rules and love to drive fast.

Distracted Driving

When driving, people are supposed to focus on the road. Most experienced drivers do it. But, when it comes to young drivers, many young drivers easily get distracted. Their attention diverts from the road when their phone rings or they start looking here and there. A sudden distraction several times results in an unfortunate accident.

Hurry to Get Somewhere

Most road accidents happen when a driver is in a hurry and drives beyond the speed limit to get somewhere. Where experienced drivers drive sensibly and look for shortest routes to reach their destination, young drivers drive beyond the speed and break several traffic rules that create risk for them and other people on the road, too.

Driving at Night

Driving at night is riskier. Almost all drivers are likely to crash when driving at night because the vision is decreased and hazard are not very clear. But, young drivers are at more risk.

The above mentioned are just a few reasons that make a young driver riskier and compel the car insurance and car rental companies to sell their products and services costlier. Because of these risks, the car rental companies add a young driver surcharge to their car rental fee to rent a car for young driver.