Why Rent a Car in Downtown Vancouver?

If you are visiting the city of Vancouver and staying in the city centre, you are going to have so much fun exploring the famous Downtown Vancouver area. Home to some of the best hotels in the region, Downtown Vancouver boats some surprisingly incredible views for a large city. Here you will find some of the best restaurants and bars in Vancouver, great shopping and, of course, lots of events and culture, not forgetting the outdoor experiences such, as Stanley park, the sea wall, and city beaches.

Rent a Car in Downtown Vancouver

Getting around Downtown Vancouver is pretty easy; much of the city is walkable and there are a lot of options when it comes to transit, but due to the rain that seems to make an appearance sometimes on a daily basis in Vancouver, having a private vehicle is by far the best. Taxis can be expensive and often difficult to get hold of in Vancouver,so having your own vehicle is the simplest option.

To get access to your own personal vehicle you can rent a car in Downtown Vancouver from one of our Rent A Car Vancouver Downtown locations on Robson Street or Beatty Street.Both of these locations are likely easy to reach from whatever Downtown Vancouver hotel you are staying in while in the city.

If you plan on sticking to the Downtown Vancouver area for most of your stay, a compact car would probably be a good choice. These are excellent value, reliable, and easy to park. You could also upgrade and go for something super luxurious, like a sports car. These are extremely enjoyable to drive and you will certainly look the part as you cruise around Gastown, Yaletown, and other trendy neighbourhoods in Downtown Vancouver.

Reserve your car today so that you are ready to go once you arrive in Downtown Vancouver. When you make a booking ahead of time, you will be guaranteed the car you want and will be able to pick it up as soon as you arrive.

When you rent a car in Downtown Vancouver your trip will automatically become a lot more enjoyable, so make the most of it and book one for your stay in our city.