Why Rent a Car In Vancouver During Your Business Trip

While some may express awe and jealously at the idea of traveling for work, most of us know that it isn’t all it is cracked up to be. While we do indeed get to travel, we are often expected to get to work straight away and can be left feeling tired. We are also thrown into a new work environment, which may involve a different way of doing things, and unfamiliar colleagues. Lastly, there are none of the home comforts that we are used to, such as our own bed and, more importantly, friends and family. And while there are lots of plus sides too, such as learning new skills and trying to fit in some sightseeing during time off, it is certainly no vacation.

One thing that we find extremely useful during a business trip to Vancouver or BC is to rent a car in Vancouver. This is a tip that we offer all business people visiting this city, as it will make their stay a lot easier.

Not Having to Use Transit

Public transit in Vancouver is certainly not the worst. However, it can’t get you anywhere at any time. There are limitations relating to the stops and the timetable. You will not have these limitations when you rent a car in Vancouver. You can drive to your temporary workplace, or meeting location, which will give you more time in bed, instead of having to hop on a crowded train, or run for a bus in the rain.


Linking in with the last point, when you rent a car in Vancouver, you will be guaranteed comfort. You will not have to share a bus or train and you will be safe from the elements and the rain associated with our city. When you rent a car in Vancouver directly from our facilityjust off-site from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), with free pickup, you will also have space for your luggage and will not have to pay the high price of a taxi to the city.

Get Outside the City

Finally, one of the other joys you will experience when you rent a car in Vancouver is the ability to get outside the city with ease. On your days off, you will be able to head to the mountains and hike or ski, or take a day trip to one of the lakes. You could also hit up one of our beautiful beaches. There are so many things to do and see on a day off here, and if you are only here for a short stay, when you rent a car in Vancouver you will be able to fit it all in!