Your Rent-a-Car Car Rental in 3 Easy Steps

Coming to a new city is exciting, but can also be quite overwhelming. Having affairs in place before you arrive is one way to make your trip more enjoyable, such as accommodation, transportation, and activities. While organizing such affairs can sometimes be difficult or frustrating, booking your car rental in Vancouver with Rent a Car Vancouver is one transaction that can be completely stress-free.


Step One- The Location and Time

The first step is to simply set the pick-up and drop off time for your rental. You can pick-up and drop your vehicle off at the very central Rent a Car Vancouver location on Robson street in Vancouver. This location is not only easy to get to from the airport, via skytrain, but is also very central in the West End, so you’re right in the hip Vancouver scene of the city.  You can also request pick up and drop off at the airport itself.

Step 2 – The Car

Next, you’ll need to select your car. With the easy online booking, you have access to a vast selection of vehicles for car rental in Vancouver, of all makes, models, and colours. Also, with the unpredictable Vancouver weather, you can select a vehicle with sturdy winter tires.

Once you have selected your vehicle, just review the charges, then move on to step 3

Step 3- Personal Information and Extra

Lastly, you’ll just need to fill in some personal information and perhaps choose some add-ons, such as a car seat or GPS, and you will be all set. Just submit your enquiry online and you are good to go. The payment can be made in person at the time of pick-up, with a variety of payment options. Rent-a-Car Vancouver accepts Debit and pre-paid Visa cards, Visa credit cards, Mastercard, cash and other methods of payment. While major credit cards are not required for car rental in Vancouver, just be sure to contact the local office beforehand to arrange your alternate method of payment.

Not only is this transaction very straightforward, but it is so hassle-free that your car details will be all arranged by the time you arrive. And with the central location for pick up and drop off you can go right to your exciting activities after picking up your car. Happy travels!